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Please check the diary to find out about Church and other events in the area and further afield. The information will help if you wish to attend an event, but also assist you when planning your own event to avoid clashes of dates. You can email me the details of your event (see address above) for inclusion in the diary.

GROW Dedication
The trustees and management committee are delighted to invite you to a Service of Dedication for our worker, Beatrice Roy, at 3.00pm in Glenrothes Baptist Church on Sunday 30th November 2014, followed by light refreshments.
Walk for Peace
The Rotary Club of Glenrothes and the three High Schools in Glenrothes organised a Walk for Peace and the local churches were invited to take part. The walk took place on Thursday 6th November. People gathered at each school (Auchmuty, Glenrothes and Glenwood) at 6pm. There were some activities at the schools and then they walked to the War Memorial off Church Street, gathering there at 7pm. Walkers carried lanterns, torches, glow sticks & other lights. At the memorial there were poems and music. White wreaths wree laid at the memorial by Rotary and each school.
Call to Prayer
Crisis in Iraq
Please pray for all the people in Iraq subject to the terrorism and evil acts perpetrated by those allegedly adhering to Islam. In particular, the Christian families being targeted and threatened with barbaric execution unless they renounce their faith. Many have died. Missionaries and aid-workers are continuing without any government protection.
This link is to a request for urgent prayer, however, it contains accounts of some children who were martyred, which you may find distressing.
Click for ⇒ Prayer Request
Songs of Praise Event
"Friends in Faith
There was a special Songs of Praise Service in Glenrothes on Saturday 6th September in St Columba’s Church, Glenrothes. “Special” since the Glenrothes churches welcomed the Böblingen Ecumenical Group. The Service was also open to the public in the Glenrothes area. Two candles were lit in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the start of World War 1. The Service was led by the St Columba’s minister, Rev. Alan Kimmitt, and by Rev. Friederike Strauss from Böblingen. Hymns were selected by members of the Böblingen group and by members of the various Glenrothes area churches, with introductions before each one. The themes of these hymns and prayers were Friendship, Partnership, Togetherness and Faith. Excellent music was being provided by the Salvation Army Band before and during the Service. The band played for some of the hymns, as did Mr Eric Christie, the organist of St Columba’s.
A delightful buffet was provided so that the German visitors were able to mingle with the Glenrothes area people.
GROW Worker
After a long period of recruitment the GROW Trustees and Management Group are delighted to report that they have successfully filled the position left by Gwyneth Duff last year.

The new worker, Beatrice Bradbrook, comes from a youth apprentice position at Central Hall Baptist Church in Edinburgh.

Although the formal start date has not yet been agreed we very much hope that Bea will be in post for the start of the new school year in August.

We thank you all for your support and prayers over the last 12 months and look forward to exciting times ahead.
display & banner
Kirkcaldy Presbytery of Church of Scotland's show case event attracted many Churches, organisations & ministries to display their history, milestones and ongoing events. Workshops and interactive zones complemented the static displays. It was held in Kirkcaldy High School from 10am and finished with the Big Sing at 4pm.
A big thank you to Sheena, Craig and the others involved in the CT display.
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These are the Churches and Christian organisations associated with the Glenrothes area Churches Together.
Click on the Church name to view the website

The Churches Together banner is currently at this Church.
- thumbnail - Christ's Kirk
- thumbnail - Church of Christ
- thumbnail - Collydean Granary Baptist 
- thumbnail - Glenrothes Baptist 
- thumbnail - King's Covenant Fellowship
- thumbnail - Salvation Army
- thumbnail - St Columba’s
- thumbnail - St Luke's
- thumbnail - St Margaret's
- thumbnail - St Ninian'slogo/
- thumbnail - St Paul's and St Mary's
- thumbnail - The Reedemed Christian Church of God
- thumbnail - YMCA
- thumbnail - Leslie Baptist
- thumbnail - St Paul's and St Mary's
- thumbnail - Trinity, Leslie
- thumbnail - Markinch Parish
- thumbnail - Coaltown URC

Churches Together Banner

From 29th Oct 2014, the banner is being displayed at St Ninian's
From 6th Sept 2014, the banner was displayed at St Columba's
From 15th June 2014, the banner was displayed at St Margaret's
From 1st Feb 2014, the banner was displayed at Salvation Army
From 24th Nov 2013, the banner was displayed at Glenrothes Baptist
From 1st Oct 2013, the banner was displayed at Leslie Baptist
From 12th June 2013, the banner was displayed at Coaltown URC
From 17th Mar 2013, the banner was displayed at King's Covenant Fellowship
From 6th Feb 2013, the banner was displayed at Collydean Granary Baptist
From 30th Aug 2012, the banner was displayed at Markinch Parish
From 28th May 2012, the banner was displayed at St Luke's
From 14th March 2012, the banner was displayed at Christ's Kirk.
From 14th Dec 2011, the banner was displayed at St Columba's.
From 22nd Sept 2011, the banner was displayed at St's Paul & Mary Churches.
From 10th July 2011, the banner was displayed at Trinity Church, Leslie.

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To view the updated constitution of the Glenrothes Area Churches Together and the report from the Chair, please download the file in the format you prefer...

June '14
pdf imgReport from the Chair (PDF 49K) ms imgReport from the Chair (WORD 36K)
June '11 pdf imgReport from the Chair (PDF 7K) ms imgReport from the Chair (WORD 19K)
June '10 pdf imgReport from the Chair (PDF 9K) ms imgReport from the Chair (WORD 27K)
June '09 pdf imgReport from the Chair (PDF 9K) ms imgReport from the Chair (WORD 45K)
June '08 pdf imgConstitution08 (PDF 6K) ms imgConstitution08 (WORD 21K)
oo imgConstitution08 (Open Office 17K) wks imgConstitution08 (WORKS 10K)
June '08 pdf imgReport from the Chair (PDF 8K) ms imgReport from the Chair (WORD 77K)

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To read about the activities of the Glenrothes Area Churches Together, please download the minutes in the format you prefer...

Session 14/15
Meeting Date Download files
December 2014 Wed 10th St Paul's 7:00pm (Carol practise & meeting)
November 2014 pdf img  PDF (64K)   ms img  WORD (76K)  
October 2014 pdf img  PDF (65K)   ms img  WORD (51K)  
September 2014 [revised] pdf img  PDF (68K)   ms img  WORD (86K)  

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Session 13/14
Meeting Date Download files
AGM June 2014 pdf img  PDF (70K)   ms img  WORD (89K)  
May 2014 pdf img  PDF (83K)   ms img  WORD (74K)  
April 2014 [revised] pdf img  PDF (85K)   ms img  WORD (89K)  
February 2014 pdf img  PDF (81K)   ms img  WORD (88K)  
January 2014 pdf img  PDF (72K)   ms img  WORD (62K)  
November 2013 pdf img  PDF (68K)   ms img  WORD (46K)  
September 2013 pdf img  PDF (71K)   ms img  WORD (89K)  

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Session 12/13
Meeting Date Download files
AGM June 2013 pdf img  PDF (55K)   ms img  WORD (43K)  
May 2013 pdf img  PDF (73K)   ms img  WORD (46K)  
March 2013 pdf img  PDF (72K)   ms img  WORD (41K)  
January 2013 pdf img  PDF (70K)   ms img  WORD (60K)  
November 2012 pdf img  PDF (68K)   ms img  WORD (52K)  
September 2012 pdf img  PDF (35K)   ms img  WORD (38K)  

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Session 11/12
Meeting Date Download files
June 2012 AGM pdf img  PDF (60K)     WORD (49K)  
Session 10/11
June 2011 AGM pdf img  PDF (11K)   revised   WORD (52K)   revised
Session 09/10
June 2010 AGM pdf img  PDF (10K)   ms img  WORD (46K)  

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HOPE - Houses of Prayer Everywhere

Leaflets have been made available at the last few meetings outlining the vision and background to HOPE - Houses of Prayer Everywhere. Lighthouses of Prayer have been starting up independantly in various places throughout the land. Here are some more instances of the pieces coming together.
April 2007 - Lance Canter was praying for the coming of the Pray for Scotland (PfS) team to West Kilbride during the Connecting Scotland 50 days of prayer. The Lord led him to Ezek 12:21-28. When the team came through he shared the passage with Jean Black of PfS. A few months later he discovered that God led Jean to share a message based on this word as she travelled and spoke throughout the nation. The gist of her message was to ask what things the Lord has spoken to us in the past that we have 'put on the shelf' and forgotten.
Sept 2007 - Ola Nordstrom and Lance were speaking about houses of prayer in Scotland. Ola said "I don't think we will have 24/7 houses of prayer in Scotland. Instead, God has given me a picture of HOPE - Houses of Prayer Everywhere".
Nov 2007 - Sylvia Norton emailed Lance from S Uist describing how God hasd given her a vision of HOPE - Houses of Prayer Everywhere. The exact same picture and acronym that God had given to Ola. She was reminded of this during a weekend conference with PfS team when they asked if God had given them any words that they had 'put on the shelf' and forgotten. Like Ola, God had given her this vision in 2000 and He was now bringing it back for both of them! Around this time Ola began travelling to every village and town in Ayrshire and driving wooden stakes in the ground reclaiming these areas for God's Kingdom. At one point he visited an orphanage in Uganda where he was given 6 stakes to bring back to Scotland. One of these stakes he was led to hold on to.
April 2008 - Jean Black was speaking at a YWAM Scotland staff day sharing the PfS vision of establishing HOPE, Houses of Prayer Everywhere in Scotland. Ola and Lance were at this meeting, and Ola felt the Lord telling him to give Jean the last stake.
July 2008 – Still carrying the stake, Jean found herself at CLAN Gathering when Brent Borthwick (from USA) gave an amazing prophetic word concerning revival in Scotland, remarkably similar to a vision Jean Darnell had in the 1970’s (read Ezek 12:21-28). (Brent knew nothing about Jean Darnell or her prophecy.) He ended by saying that he felt they should drive a stake in the ground as a prophetic symbol of embracing this word. Jean had the stake taken to Brent and shared where it came from. Just after the stake was driven in the ground, he commented that he was supposed to have been at an orphanage in Uganda that week, but God told him to cancel the trip and go to Scotland to share this word.


Gilven Project

At the November 12th meeting, Gilven Project Manager Trish O’Brien, introduced us to ‘Passing the Baton’ a joint venture with Bethany Christian Trust to assist local young people to overcome isolation when taking up new accommodation after homelessness. There are opportunities to serve on the steering group and as ‘buddies’ and in other ways in this innovative project. Prayer, financial and other support is also welcome.
More information from Laura McNamee or Gavin Lawson at Gilven House.
Scottish Christian Alliance, Gilven House, 22 Iona Park, Pitcoudie, Glenrothes. KY7 6NU
Tel 01592 744849 Fax 01592 743924

Scottish Bible Society

Scottish Bible Society made a presentation to Glenrothes Area Churches Together in November 2007.
There are two great resources: Bibleworld Studio in Edinburgh and Bibleworld Mobile now in its 4th edition.
SBS mission is to get God's word in a format people can receive.
BW logo

Ideally, Churches work together to bring Bibleworld to young people in their area.
The maximum capacity is 13 classes in one week 2 on Mon, 3 on Tue/Wed/Thu, 2 on Fri.
The modules are suitable for P6-S1 classes of up to 36 children. Sessions are 70 mins long per class.
The studio is normally open to adults or other groups (e.g. uniformed organisations) in the evenings. Open evenings are for short presentations and info on other SBS projects.
Each community is expected to contribute £1,000 towards costs.
Teachers are encouraged when Churches support them, and it is also good to involve local youth workers.
The relationships built help to promote the Gospel, help towards the work in schools and break down barriers between community and Church.
Teachers get a follow-up pack resource.
SBS can provide press release for Church magazines and local publications.
The mobile first visited Glenrothes between the 9th - 13th June 2008.
A second visit was made from 9-20 May 2011
Open Evenings were Thurs 12th May & Wed 18th May from 7pm - 8:30pm.
To find out more click here → BibleWorld

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Glenrothes Regional Outreach WorkerGROW web site
Our Outreach worker works with the Church youth groups and the school Scripture Unions

Would you like to be invlolved with GROW Click here!
You can download the Summer 2014 news letter pdf img news (pdf 630K)  Remember to save before printing.
Please see newsletter or Churches Together diary section for up-coming events.
GROW Dedication new

The trustees and management committee are delighted to invite you to a Service of Dedication for our worker, Beatrice Roy, at 3.00pm in Glenrothes Baptist Church on Sunday 30th November 2014, followed by light refreshments.
GROW update

May 2014
GROW Worker After a long period of recruitment the GROW Trustees and Management Group are delighted to report that they have successfully filled the position left by Gwyneth Duff last year.
The new worker, Beatrice Bradbrook, comes from a youth apprentice position at Central Hall Baptist Church in Edinburgh. Although the formal start date has not yet been agreed we very much hope that Bea will be in post for the start of the new school year in August. We thank you all for your support and prayers over the last 12 months and look forward to exciting times ahead.
GROW visit to Auchmuty

January 2012
A new venture for GROW in January 2012 was a ‘Personal Search Week’ for first year's [S1] in Auchmuty High School from 16th - 20th January. This was a really exciting opportunity for the local church, in partnership with GROW and SU Scotland, to make an impact on some of the young people of our town.
Powerpoint presentations and leaflets giving details of this week were sent out to the Churches. There was local involvement from Gwyneth and John McLean the school chaplain, and other local Christians, plus a highly talented and creative Christian drama and music team ‘Viz-a Viz’ who have a lot of experience working in schools, and other experts from around Scotland. This was a big project and was only possible with the support of local Christians.
There was an opportunity to pray each day from Monday 16th to Friday 20th at 10am in Glenrothes Baptist Church. Follow up meetings and events were also arranged.

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MSP's & Councillors

1 Timothy 2:1-3 ...prayers, intercession and thanksgiving ...for kings and all those in authority
Join in and pray for your MSP's (updated 2011) and Councillors - if you want to live in peace and freedom...
Open or download this page to see who they are.

pdf img  PDF (123K)  

Click on the link to find out how you can go to the Scottish Parliament to pray →

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Week of Prayer for Unity of Christians (21-27 May 2012)

In a change from previous years, we held 'Churches Together Week' prayer events in the run up to Pentecost in 2012 with a Fellowship Meal on Friday 25th May and Celebration Praise on Sunday 27th May.
Click here to ms imgdownload poster  Word (20K) 

Mon 21st 10:30am @ St Margaret’s. 'Churches Together Week' - Prayer event.
Tue 22nd 1pm @ St Mary’s. 'Churches Together Week' - Prayer event.
Wed 23rd 11:15am @ YM-YWCA. 'Churches Together Week' - Prayer event.
Thu 24th 7pm @ St Columba’s. 'Churches Together Week' - Prayer event.
Fri 25th 10:30am @ St Ninian’s. 'Churches Together Week' - Prayer event.
Fri 25th 7pm @ St Margaret’s. 'Churches Together Week' - Fellowship Meal.
Sat 26th 10:30am @ St Like’s. 'Churches Together Week' - Prayer event.
Sun 27th 2:30-4pm @ St Ninian's 'Churches Together Week' - Celebration Praise

For further background information on Week of Prayer click here →

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World Day of Prayer

Two services were held on Friday 7th March 2014.
One in St Mary's Leslie at 2pm, the other in St Ninian's at 7:15pm.
The service came from women in Egypt and the theme was:
Streams in the desert

For more information
click here → World Day of Prayer - Scotland
History of local events
WDoP logo
20156th Mar Trinity Leslie
St. Margaret's
20147th Mar St Mary's Leslie
St. Ninian's
20131st Mar Trinity Leslie
St. Luke's House
20122nd Mar St. Paul's7pm
20114th Mar Glenrothes Baptist7pm
20105th Mar Salvation Army7pm

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Lent Studies 2014

Lent in 2014 was between Ash Wednesday (5th Mar) and Easter Day (20th April).
The study group leaders each choose a study theme to use for the Lent Studies. We had a few group studies throughout this period.
Studies ran for 5 or 6 weeks. Everyone was free join whichever group they choose, and were encouraged to join a group in a different Church.
The venues and dates were as follows:

Sunday7pmChrist's Kirk9/3-13/4Church at the Crossroads Alexandra Rosener + Guests
Monday10:30am - 12:10St. Margaret’s Lounge10/3-14/4TBAMarjorie Cowie
Monday2-3pmSt. Ninian’s Hall10/3-7/4A Heart for MissionAllistair Roy

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One World Week (19-26 Oct 14)

OWW 2014 is from Sunday 19th to Sunday 26th October and the theme is "Living Differently"
For more information, click here →

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Carol Singing

Date for 2014 is 13th December between 12 noon and 1pm.
In 2013 the Churches Together Carol singing was be led by King's Covenant Fellowship (KCF) in the Kingdom Centre in front of Rothes Halls.
There were many singers representing their Churches and some shoppers also joined in. It was a joyful sound which was much appreciated.
Donations were collected on behalf of the local Foodbank project. These amounted to £112
All donations collected this year will be given to the local branch of The Samaritans.

2014 Schedule
Start End Churches
12:00 13:00 ALL (We used to allocate slots, but now everyone is welcome for as long as they are able.)

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Please check this diary for details of events you wish to attend.
Also please use this list when you are planning your own event to avoid a clash of dates.
You can email your event details to the address at the top of this page for inclusion here.

November 2014
2 Pentland Court, Saltire Centre,
Glenrothes, KY6 2DA
Foodbank. Maureen Power. Tel:01592 631088
21Fri 7:30pmLeslie BaptistBruce Davies Concert £5
30Sun 3pmGlenrothes BaptistGROW Dedication Service for Beatrice (Bee) Roy, light refreshments.
December 2014
2 Pentland Court, Saltire Centre,
Glenrothes, KY6 2DA
Foodbank. Maureen Power. Tel:01592 631088
10Wed 7:00pmSt Paul'sCarol practise (7pm) and Churches Together mtg (7:30pm)
13Sat 12 noonKingdom Centre nr Rothes HallsCarol Singing. Donations to local Samaritans.
17WedYMCA Y-lunch-together (Gravy Train) Christmas meal
22MonChrist's Kirk Bob Barclay & Auchmuty pupils. Christmas Music Event.

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Here are some links to other websites that may be of interest.

Back to
Celebrate &
Christian Action Research &
CC img Christian Counselling
new wine scot logo C.L.A.N. Gathering Largs 11-16/7/2015
hcfi logo Healthcare Christian 0131 667 4494
IW img Ian
Lawyers Christian
Lighthouses of
One World
Pray for Schools
Pray For
Scottish Bible
Week Of Prayer For Christian Unity

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Ezekiel 12:21-28 (New International Version)

21 The word of the LORD came to me: 22 "Son of man, what is this proverb you have in the land of Israel: 'The days go by and every vision comes to nothing'? 23 Say to them, 'This is what the Sovereign LORD says: I am going to put an end to this proverb, and they will no longer quote it in Israel.' Say to them, 'The days are near when every vision will be fulfilled. 24 For there will be no more false visions or flattering divinations among the people of Israel. 25 But I the LORD will speak what I will, and it shall be fulfilled without delay. For in your days, you rebellious house, I will fulfill whatever I say, declares the Sovereign LORD.' "
26 The word of the LORD came to me: 27 "Son of man, the house of Israel is saying, 'The vision he sees is for many years from now, and he prophesies about the distant future.'
28 "Therefore say to them, 'This is what the Sovereign LORD says: None of my words will be delayed any longer; whatever I say will be fulfilled, declares the Sovereign LORD.' "

News Archive



4-5 Glenwood Centre, Glenrothes (Tel: 01592 755321 Scottish Charity Number SC037766 ) CAFE (Mon to Fri 10am - 3:30pm): Low cost meals and a place for companionship. Tea, coffee, juice, home baking, filled rolls, soup etc SPECIAL MEAL OFFER EVERY DAY SHOP (Mon to Fri 10am - 4pm): reasonably priced books, CDs, DVDs, toys, clothes, household items, TVs, electrical items, furniture etc, etc
All profits distributed to local community groups : DONATIONS & VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!

The management group took the decision to readvertise the position in both February and March's Youthwork and associated publications. We would then look to interview in April and if successful would have a new worker in place for the summer time.


The Glenrothes Area Futures Group would like to communicate our thanks for the campaign support to save the Glenrothes OOH service. We were a little surprised but very delighted that the Board turned the closure recommendation down. This is only by local support from Churches, Church groups, etc. as well as CCs and residents' groups. Yours aye, Ron.


Paul & Lynne Sinclair, from New Zealand, have been called to Scotland. Paul will serve as interim minister at Coaltown URC.

Gravy Train - New Name

Nine years since it's inception by Churches Together the Gravy Train will now be known as 'Y-Lunch'. The volunteeers have prepared and served between 600 - 800 meals a year to homeless people.

Many of the Churches joined together to bring festive cheer to the Kingdom Centre on Saturday 14th Dec. The collection of £112 will benefit the local Foodbank project.

(Picture - George McLuskie)

Due to road repairs on the East Lomond, we relocated to the frosted braes of Riverside Park, off Leslie Road, next to the pond. Members from most of the local Churches joined in worship, released prayer baloons and shared breakfast in St Ninian's.



Rev Alan Kimmitt has been called as minister to St Columba's. His ordination & induction took place on Thursday 21st Feb.

New Building

RCCG have a new Church building (former) St. Andrews Parish Church, Victoria Gardens, Kirkcaldy, KY1 1DJ. There is an open invitation to their monthly praise nights on the 2nd Sat of the month at 6:30pm

Enough Food - IF

Call to end poverty - a press release was sent to the local newspapers and can be included in your church newsletter/website/... Please also write to the Chancellor by 10/3/13.
ms img  WORD (364K)  


A meeting was arranged with Ewan Gurr of Trussell Trust, to discuss the very real possibility of opening a Foodbank in Glenrothes. The meeting was be held at Glenrothes YMCA, in North Street, on Monday 21st January at 3.00 pm.

Bible Society Action Group

The Glenrothes Inter Church Action Group would like thank everyone who contributed to the Christmas Song Quiz. We raised £165 which will go twards the project in Peru. The winning entry drawn was Molly Hamill who receives a gift voucher and the hamper goes to Leslie Agnew. Click here for the quiz answers [pdf]

New Appointment

Rev. Kathryn Price announced that she would be leaving the area at the end of October to take up the post of Education & Learning Enabler for the South Western Synod of the United Reformed Church.

Monthly Praise Event

Pastor Joseph and the Redeemed Christian Church of God invite everyone to a monthly Praise night which takes place every second Saturday of the month. The date for June was Saturday 9th @ 6:30pm. The venue was White House (Community Centre), Napier Rd KY6 1AX. Sharing the message was Rev. Andrew Brandon from Open Heavens London on Knowing the will of God.

GROW AGM and 'Sandwich & Sweet' meal

As a token of our sincere thanks for continuing support of the GROW project the trustees and management committee invited everyone to a 'Sandwich and Sweet' Meal at 6:30pm in Glenrothes Baptist Church on Wednesday 20th June 2012, followed by the AGM and Thanksgiving Service at 7:30pm.
At this meeting there was a report Gwyneth’s work over the past year.

Bible Society - Glenrothes Action Group

As part of their fundraising for this year they would like to have one event that involves the participation of all churches. In order to take this initiative forward any volunteers to help generate ideas and assist in organising a one off event should contact Alan McDonagh. For more details click here → ms img WORD (30K) 

Two Sisters and a Funeral

St Columba's hosted the Scottish Premiere of the Roger Jones musical on Sat 26th Nov. all proceeds to GROW.
It is a lively, amusing musical about the life of Lazarus and the songs are very tuneful. There are some moving moments and a powerful message. This was a Parish Grouping event with singers from St Columba’s, St Ninian’s, Leslie Trinity and other churches and, was for one night only.

Scottish Bible Society
Action Group

The SBS action group ran a King James Bible 400th anniversary Quiz sheet price £1 drawn on 28th Sept at Churches Together meeting.
Contact Allan McDonagh for results.
Tel 01592 770437 or e-mail

St.Ninian`s Charity Shop &
Community Café

We would like all of the churches in Glenrothes and surrounding areas to be aware that this Charity shop & café exists and for people to go there for their cups of tea/coffee/snacks. It also deals with furniture and electrical goods as well as clothes. Please consider donating to this cause rather than just handing your goods into local charity shops.

People's Bible

Scottish & other UK Bible Societies toured the country with a scribing booth giving people the opportunity to be part of history and to mark the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible.

Bruce Davies Concert in aid of GROW

Around 70-80 people enjoyed an excellent evening of entertainment in support of the GROW project. The first half there were some great new songs and the second half was a selection of audience requests. Bruce also donated 10% of all CD sales to the project.

Election Hustings

A General Election Hustings was organised by Bob Grant and Ron Page on behalf of Glenrothes Area Futures Group and Churches Together. It was held on Tue 26th at 7:15pm in the C.I.S.W.O. Centre. All the main constituency candidates were invited. Questions were submitted in advance and lively debates took place.
For more information please see the Churches Vote Election Page 2011

Joint Easter Service

East Lomond 6:30am 24th April 2011

Worshippers from many of the Church families in
Glenrothes & District Churches Together gathered
to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter morning.

Leslie Pastors leading worship

Fairtrade Fortnight

Fair Trade Fortnight began on 28th Feb, and Churches were encouraged to promote the goods available in the supermarkets. The managers were contacted, reminding them that the Churches would be promoting this and would hopefully be looking for these products in the shops at that time. Asda were very helpful.


Vacancy NEWS

Welcome to Rev. Alexandra Rosener. She was inducted at Christ's Kirk on October 13th 2010. The local Baptist Chuches in Glenrothes and Leslie will soon have new pastors. Our prayers go with Rev Diane Hobson as she moves to Aberdeen.

Community Action

A meeting was held with MSP Claire Baker in Rothes Halls on Wed 27th Oct 2010 for organisation representatives regarding A92.

Drug-Proof your Kids

How to Drug Proof Your Kids® (DPYK for short) is a relaxed and informal six session course. Developed by the national charity Care for the Family, in association with Hope UK, specialists in drugs education.
The course was in St Ninian’s Church on Thursday evenings 7.30-9.30pm from 4th November. To find out more phone Alli on 01592 611963 or email

Bibleworld Studio visit

photoScottish Bible Society's Bibleworld Mobile will be making a return visit to Glenrothes from 9-20th May 2011. The local Bible Society action group have raised sufficient funds to secure the booking and plans are underway for P6-S1 pupils to experience this excellent resource. There are Open Evenings on Thurs 12th May & Wed 18th May from 7pm - 8:30pm. The Bibleworld mobile last visited Glenrothes between 9-13 June 2008

GROW Thank You Meal & AGM

Supporters of the GROW project were treated to a buffet meal in St Margaret's Church New Halls at 6:30 p.m. prior to the AGM at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday 17th June.

Church Members Consultation

Following a number of sessions of workshops, discussions and reviews, a Response Form has been drawn up to enable Church members to express their views on Churches Together activities. It is intended that on a Sunday in June, someone in your Church will say a bit about Churches Together and a form will be issued to each member. It would be appreciated if you would complete the form and return it promptly as we aim to get the views of as many members as possible. Thanks in advance for your participation. If you have any questions, please contact your own Church representative(s). Their names can be found in the minutes of the meetings.
Download the reponse form here →logo  PDF (13K)  

Try Praying

Although this prayer guide is specifically written for those outside the Church, once you have tried it you can recommend it to your friends and neighbours.
Click here for more info → Try Praying

Election Hustings

A General Election Hustings was organised by Bob Grant and Ron Page on behalf of Glenrothes Area Futures Group and Churches Together. It was held on Wed 21st at 7:30pm in the C.I.S.W.O. Centre. Alex Forsyth chaired the meeting. Questions were submitted in advance.
For more information please see the Churches Together Election Page 2010 CARE (Scotland) election page

Joint Easter Service

East Lomond 7am 4th April 2010

Dramatic Easter sunrise

Inspirational praise.

Fighting Fit for Christ

Fighting Fit For Christ is a banner to bring Christians together in the Fife area.
Excercise, Fellowship and Evangalising simply by getting together during the week and being recognised as Christians.
Please consider rolling this out to your congregations.
God bless, Pete Perrie


Carol Singing in Kingdom Centre 2009

Many thanks to everyone who made it to Lyon Square for the Churches Together Carols Singing. Sorry if you made the effort to get to Rothes Halls and couldn't find us. This was due to a change made by the centre management, which we were not informed about. There was some inconvenience, but we need to be thankful that as united Christians we were able to lift up praise to God and declare His Good News to the people in the Kingdom Centre. The security staff were helpful and offered us assistance and they were able to provide some seating at the new location. We received some very encouraging comments regarding the quality of the singing and the variety of musical content. Please continue to support this event so that we can have an ongoing Christian witness in the town. Thanks again to everyone who contributed and assisted an any way. Have a blessed and peace-filled Christmas.

Quiet Day for Scotland 2009

The weekend nearest to St Andrew’s Day was promoted by the Church Life Network of Action of Churches Together in Scotland as a suitable time for Quiet Day for Scotland. For more information click here → Quiet Day For downloadable resources click here → Resources

Joint Easter Service

East Lomond 7am 12th April 2009

Ecumenical Stations of the Cross

St Mary's, Leslie, invited everyone to join them on a prayer journey with Jesus on the way to the Cross. This took place on Palm Sunday 28th March at 4pm

Prayer Box

The prayer box was available from 2nd April for 14 days over Easter at the information desk in the Kingdom Centre. We are grateful to the management for their cooperation. People were encouraged to use this facility, pray for the requests received, and ask that God would use this opportunity to bless people in this Holy season.

HOPE - Houses Of Prayer Everywhere.

Lighthouses of Prayer : Held a one-day workshop @ St Bryce Kirk Centre, Kirkcaldy on 28th Feb. Find out how small gatherings can lead to our nation being saturated with prayer. Click here for more information

Week Of Prayer Service (URC Coaltown)

There has been a lot of very positive feedback from the time of Worship we shared on Sunday 18th Jan. The church was almost full; all the speakers were loud and clear; the Korean worship influences were helpful and the message was inspirational. Thanks to everyone who participated and those who took the time to express their appreciation.


Prayer Stake

On Wednesday 26th November at 2pm a prayer stake was driven into the ground at the Good Samaritan statue in the town park, Glenrothes. (North side of the pond) This was a declaration that we welcome God's presence in our lives; in our communities, our town and our nation.

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